Professional Pipe, Inc. (PPI) Recapitalization Deal with KJM Capital, LLC sealed by Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital, one of the most recognized investment banking firms, took an advisory role at Professional Pipe Inc. (PPI) which led to the recapitalization of the company by KJM Capital, LLC. The important transaction had been announced by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Madison Street Capital and was led by Lester Rodgers who is the Senior Managing Director. Although the terms and conditions were kept away from the public, it is obvious that the two companies were very satisfied with the recapitalization process.

Content of Professional Pipe, Inc. (PPI)

Being the major decision maker in the business deal, PPI expressed its satisfaction for making the right choice of recapitalization. The company started off in 1972 as a piping contractor in North Carolina’s textile industry. It then shifted its focus to providing services to food processing plants in 2006. Currently, PP1 is offering piping and equipment installation services to poultry processing companies. It also engages in renovations, maintenance of facilities, new constructions, and replacements of facilities. The president of the company, John Tyson, was the one who publicly declared the company’s satisfaction with the deal. In an interview, he stated that although the process was long and challenging, his team was grateful to the counsel and advice that Madison Street Capital had offered. They would, therefore, consider Madison’s advisory services whenever need arises.

Content of KJM Capital, LLC

KJM Capital could also not hide its content with the success of the deal. The company had been started by Kenneth Meister and his partners with the aim of acquiring business companies like Content of Professional Pipe Inc. which serve business customers. The company has always desired to partner with different companies through their provision of operational expertise including accounting and software application. After the deal, Mr. Meister applauded Madison Street Capital for initiating the everlasting partnership. He stated that his company is pleased to partner with PPI and will ensure that it continues to get successful in its piping services. Just like PPI, the KJM Capital team was eager to work collaboratively and top the market.

About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a leading provider of mergers and acquisition advisory, bankruptcy, capital restructuring, and corporate finance services. Due to its experience, knowledge, and extensive relationships, the company has been able to serve investment banking firms in the middle market. Other services that the company offers include intangible assets, business, goodwill, and valuation services. Due to its quality services, Madison Street Capital has been able to receive large clientele base such as Bond Medial Group Inc., Fiber Science Inc., and Central Iowa Energy, LLC. The company has always remained committed to excellence, integrity, and leadership in providing its services to ensure long-term relationships with its customers.


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