Meet Igor Cornelsen: Experienced Investment Banker and Stocks Investor

Igor Cornelsen is an accomplished entrepreneur who proficient and experienced in stocks and related areas. He has served as an investment banker for many years before venturing into his own practice. He now serves at his own firm called Bainbridge Group and he focusses on stocks for commodity and foreign exchange investment.

Mr. Igor Cornelsen was born and raised in Curitiba, Brazil. In pursuit of his dream, he joined the Federal University of Parana to pursue a course in engineering. He later quit the course and started pursuing economics in the same university. Back then, it was hard for a person to get a chance to study engineering in the university because it was the first and only university offering the course in Santa Parana State. He graduated from the university with a degree in economics in 1970.

After completing university education, he was employed by Multibanco as an investment banker. He qualified for the position because he was good in computing compound interest, a valued skill then because computers had not taken root. After the company was acquired by the Bank of America, he left Multibanco for Unibanco, a Brazilian investment firm.

He worked at Unibanco for a while before moving to London Merchant Bank where he served as an investment advisor. The company later rebranded to Libra Bank PLC. He was particularly excited about the new opportunity because he got paid in US dollars for the first time in his life. He rose through ranks to earn a position in the company’s board of directors and he sometimes represented the company in Brazil.

Igor Cornelsen started Bainbridge Investment Inc, a Bahamas-based company, in 1995. The company specializes on identifying great investment opportunities and formulating investment strategies. He attributes the decision to venture into the business to the experience he gained managing funds in the stock market and working as an investment advisor.