Meaningful Education at Rocketship Education

Come to Rocketship Education and discover the right place for your children to get the quality education they deserve. The institution began many decades ago by a church in San Jose, California. We uphold the right modes of learning to put the society in the rightful position in future. We help to secure the lives of our children by instilling the characters helpful in our modern world. The school accommodates all students, especially those from the less fortunate families. Our performance is of distinctive nature since students still come for the next session even if they have the chance to join district schools.

The parents from Rocketship encourage other parents to join the school for a mutual benefit. After a study, we discovered that more than 76 percent of our parents recommended the school to other parents and over 50 percent joined the school. According to our protocol and model, we do not judge the performance of a student by retesting. Also, we intend to build on our trust with the parents through working together for a brighter future of Rocketship Education.

At Rocketship Education, we embrace the use of the advanced modern technology to tackle challenges of life. However, we purpose to interact with the students strictly and their families for a better understanding of their interest. The teacher-students’ home-based model replacing the teacher-students’ class-based method serves appropriately in the support for the services of the school to the Rocketeers. We engage in some parent leadership programs to utilize the power of the families to make the leaders responsible for the quality of education offered to our children. The leaders can fulfill the promises for the betterment of the quality of education to children, especially from the financially unstable families.

We assign some ample time in Rocketship Education for the students to interact and play together. Thus, they have free time to refresh their mind for a proper concentration. We use a unique method of recruitment of the teachers by evaluating how ready one is to cope with our models and practices. It does not matter how educated one is, but the educator should have the proper training to ensure they offer adequate feedback for our curriculum.