Gulf Coast Western’s President and CEO, Matthew Fleeger and his experience and success journey

The reputation of Matthew Fleeger is outstanding especially after being listed amongst the Global Who’s Who which is connected to Business Professionals. At the moment, he serves as the Chief Executive Officer and President of the Gulf Coast Western where he is much recognized for his endeavors and remarkable experience in the sectors of gas and oil, tanning and waste management. In particular, he is acknowledged for the competence he possesses in team building, entrepreneurial endeavors, strategic planning, and contract negotiation.

Before his present position, he established MedSolutions which is a holding firm that is diversified and specializes in transportation, treatment, and disposal of the medical wastes that the healthcare firms produce. He served as its President and CEO for as long as thirteen years. After a fruitful development of the Company, Stericycle purchased it and currently takes the lead in the sector. Matthew Fleeger was prosperous in the industry of tannin as he assisted two businesses whose cumulative revenue was close to a hundred million U.S. Dollars. Among them is Palm Beach Tan that was developed by Fleeger from a small store operation that transformed into one of the most significant indoor tanning operations countrywide. He also facilitated the development of the Mystic Tan that has turned to be among the biggest spray-on tanning the two franchises globally.

His academic achievements are evident in his Business Administration’s degree. He is an alumnus of the Cox Business School situated in the Southern Methodist University. After this, he progressed into the implementation of his marketing and finance experience by getting into the executive positions in line with gas and oil firms.

Gulf Coast Western refers to a managing venture linked with the general partnerships of Oil and Gas. Through resource combination, industry knowledge, experience, and talent, the key focus is in line with exploration, acquirement, and development of domestic gas and oil reserves fundamentally situated within the United States’ gulf coast area.