Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart’ Road to Collaboration

Early Opportunities

Andrew Taggart was attending college before he had the opportunity to meet Alex Pall. He was living a certain lifestyle, which allowed him to take his interest in DJing to a semi-professional level. Electronic music was not as popular with everyone then as it is today, though he took a heavy interest in it.

He often found himself being made fun of by his college peers for listening to dance music and wearing his v-necks. By the time Taggart left the college scene Avicii’s music was growing popular.

Pursuit of DJing

Making music came to Andrew Taggart early on, but later he got interested in producing his own music, and that awakened in himself a different motive for him to really get into producing. Taggart observed that many of his college peers were getting DJing jobs in New York clubs and colleges.

Taggart was starting to think more and more of those kinds of breaks. Andrew Taggart said he started getting around and pursuing those opportunities, even posted a few songs on SoundCloud. There was enough occasion there that he kept pursuing it.

It became obvious to Andrew Taggart how some of these DJs were becoming successful in these kinds of pursuits and it drew him along in this direction. At the same time, he was starting to be managed by the people of Interscope where he was interning.

The Chainsmokers First Meeting

For a time he attended school in Syracuse and even contemplated moving out to Los Angeles so he could mature into a West Coast DJ. There was a kid working for Adam Alpert, who was managing Alex Pall. The kid encouraged Taggart to meet Alex. This kid told him Alex Pall was looking for someone to replace another musician who was leaving the group and he thought he would fit in well with what Alex was doing. The next thing he knew was that Taggart was taking a bus from Main and went down to meet Alex Pallin New York.

The Chainsmokers

Adam Pall and Andre Taggart, the Chainsmokers, began playing electronic dance Music (EDM) back in 2012, but soon started producing songs under their Interscope Records being managed by Adam Alpert.

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