Hair Care Products Tested by Kim Dao

Recently video blogger Kim Dao put ten of the best Japanese hair care products to the test. She tried treatment products, conditioners and shampoos and reviewed all of them. Kim Dao really likes the Venus Spa Hair Fragrance and they are very popular in Japan ( These spray in products are hair safe perfumes that eliminate odors the hair can collect throughout the day. These are also wonderful at masking other products you may have put in your hair that do not have such an appealing fragrance. Kim Dao also tested out Tsubaki Sheseido extra moist shampoo. This shampoo is packed with natural ingredients and comes in a beautiful coral colored bottle. Tsubaki translates to Camellia flower in Japanese. It gently cleanses and hydrates hair while it enhances elasticity. In addition to the extra moist shampoo, Kim Dao put Tsubaki Sheseido damage care treatment to the test to see if it really does fight the frizzies. This product targets dryness and split ends and is made with Camellia oils. This product can be used as a daily conditioner but it works best as a hair mask that is massaged into the dry and damaged ends of the hair. Let this product set for a bit before rinsing. One of the top rated Japanese hair sprays is by Kao Keep. It comes in a fun purple spray bottle. Kim Dao has been using this product for a few years and it will keep hair very stiff and in place after hair is styled. More of the top ten Japanese products that Kim Dao reviewed can be found here.

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