The Quincy

New Brunswick appears as a seemingly nice New Jersey city, but there is still a bit of a criminal element in the backstreets and in certain regions. One of those regions has traditionally been Quincy Circle near where The Quincy pizzeria is located, but the local police are making a comprehensive effort to combat the problem of serious crime in the neighborhood. Petty crime issues are still common, but when armed robberies are pulled on unsuspecting delivery personnel, the police feel an obligation to protect the community as well as the local workers. The two incidents occurring near Quincy Circle stand as evidence of that police initiative.


On November 20, 2012, a pizza delivery driver for The Quincy was making a delivery in the N block of an apartment complex on Quincy Circle when he was stopped by several young men claiming the pizza he had was for them. They then proceeded to use a handgun pointed at the delivery person’s head and stole his wallet and cash he was carrying belonging to the pizza business. And, apparently they were also hungry, as they stole the pizzas as well. A 21-yr old male, Parysh Wood was eventually arrested as the leader of the three-man team and the individual with the handgun. However, it took the police four months to secure cell phone records that led to the arrest on May 7, 2013.


Then again on Oct 7, 2015, another incident occurred in the New Brunswick Apartments, which has historically been known as a violent neighborhood with an unusually high crime rate. This incident also involved a handgun that had been fired multiple times resulting in one person seeking medical attention for a non-life threatening injury from being struck by one of the bullets. The police were also called the following day, as a resident found several other discharged bullet casings scattered about a specific area, which then added a new twist to the investigation.


The New Brunswick Apartments shooting was logged as a handgun crime and is still under investigation by the local New Brunswick Police Department, but according to the police chief, officers will not give up on the case. “This is the digital age, and many criminals leave a footprint,” the chief stated. And, the search continues for the outstanding culprit.