Dr. Eric Forsthoefel’s Practice in the Emergency Medicine Sector

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel, MD is physician whose area of specialization is in Emergency Medicine. The doctor who practices in Tallahassee, Florida is a graduate of the Louisiana State University School of Medicine where he completed his studies in 2009. Dr. Forsthoefel further did his residency at Louisiana State University from where he finished in 2012, and has been practicing medicine for the past six years. Also, he graduated with honors and further works together with many other specialists in other medical groups where he is affiliated with the Tallahassee Memorial Hospital. He is among the 26 doctors whose area of specialization is in Emergency Medicine at the Memorial Healthcare.

As a qualified Emergency Medicine doctor, Dr. Forsthoefel is a board-certified physician by the American Board of Emergency Medicine Specialties. He also obtained the LA State Medical License and the FL State Medical License that was active through to 2014. Besides, apart from treating Emergency Medicine conditions, Dr. Forsthoefel also has sub-specialties in the General Emergency Medicine where he is involved in treating various other acute diseases and injuries. Moreover, the doctor speaks English and has an office at the Thomasville Road in Tallahassee, Florida where he operates his practice. Additionally, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel accepts a wide range of insurance plans and some include Medicare, Aetna, First Health (Coventry Health Care), and Assurant Health among many more.

About Dr. Forsthoefel and the Emergency Medicine Profession

The emergency medicine practice involves treatment of conditions that are urgent or dealing with emergency situations that may be life-threatening. The primary objective of the specialists who work in the emergency room is to move fast and make a diagnosis while stabilizing the patient. Some of the conditions that the ER doctors are able to give their medical attention include trauma, lacerations, and cardiac distress. Equally important, the professionals who work in the ER have to have gone through rigorous training in all aspects of medicine since they are involved in the treatment of all kinds of ailments. Nonetheless, as a thoroughly trained Emergency Medicine physician, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel has saved many lives since he is very competent in the field.


Dr. Saad Saad Is More Than A Pediatric Surgeon, He Is Also An Innovator And A Humanitarian:

Dr. Saad Saad has over 40 years of experience in the performance of complex pediatric surgeries on children of ages that range from infants to teens. He received his medical degree 47 years ago from the Cairo University School of Medicine. On eight occasions he has travelled to Jerusalem to provide necessary surgeries for children who come from poor families.


Dr. Saad Saad was born in Palestine and grew up in Kuwait where the summers can sometimes reach in excess of 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Due to this upbringing, Dr. Saad jokes that his reason for wanting to become a doctor was so that he could work in an air-conditioned room. Outside of his tremendous sense of humor though, he has a serious side that has led him to use his surgical skills to improve the lives of others. Dr. Saad’s family is highly successful in general. Of the eight siblings in his family, 3 have medical degrees and 2 others have PhDS.


In 1985, Dr. Saad Saad received an incredible opportunity that led him from the United States back to the Middle East. His outstanding reputation had garnered the attention of the royal family of Saudi Arabia and he was hired as the families personal surgeon. Dr. Saad Saad had the privilege of working on very prestigious clients and meeting people from all over the world during the four and a half year period that he worked for the royal family but he also had the chance to do amazing work with the poorer residents of Saudi Arabia. The royal family routinely opened their hospital doors to underprivileged children who were in need of surgical treatment and Dr. Saad was able to exercise his humanitarian leanings in helping to improve the lives of many children.


Dr. Saad Saad was busy on a daily basis with his surgical career and helping people but he also has other accomplishments to his credit. He saw while he was in Saudi Arabia that there was a huge need for a surgical residency program in the country and wanted to do what he could to help up and coming medical students. He was able to establish a critical working connection with the Royal College of Surgeons in England that allowed for Saudi medical students to receive certification for the U.K. while staying home in Saudi Arabia for their surgical studies.


Dr. Saad Saad has also focussed on doing whatever he can to improve existing techniques in the surgical field and has always been willing to challenge the standard practices that are in place if there is a way things could be done better. This led to a couple of major innovations in pediatric surgical procedures that he has patented. The first one is the catheter with tracking mechanism and the second one is the visual suction/irrigation rigid endoscope. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/saad-saad-524707159/

Managing your Osteoarthritis Pain

The Mooresville Tribune recently published an article by Matthew CiRullo called “Understanding and Managing Osteoarthritis” to provide insightful information about this common disease.


Arthritis is not actually the disease but rather the expression of general joint disease. However, more than 50 million people in the U.S. suffer from over 100 different variations of the disease (http://www.longislandosteorelief.com/). The disease which causes the soft tissue between joints to be worn away so bone begins to rub against bone is the leading cause of disability in the U.S.


Unfortunately, there is no cure for the chronic disease which leads the joints to lose strength and cause pain, though there are many treatments available to help manage the pain.


CiRullo suggests there are several options to help self-manage osteoarthritis. Throughout your daily routine, you should move constantly with gentle exercise throughout the day when working or relaxing. This allows the joint to maintain mobility and helps manage the inflammation. Stretching before bed can also help maintain mobility in the joint. When exercising, focus on strengthening the muscles surrounding the joint to relieve stress and pressure.


Weight management and quitting smoking are also key to halting osteoarthritis pain. Excess weight puts stress and strain on the joint while smoking creates damage in the connective tissue.


If these techniques are not enough to reduce pain, there are several non-invasive medical treatments available. Physical therapy and medications are available to relieve pain, but if these treatments aren’t effective surgery may be required.


Luckily, not every osteoarthritis case requires surgery. The Osteo Relief Institute based in New Jersey is dedicated to providing non-surgical treatment for arthritic pain relief.


The Osteo Relief Institute has developed a team of certified physical therapists and physicians who are committed to providing effective treatments while avoiding surgery. Many of their treatments use the most advanced technology to treat osteoarthritis with little to no downtime.


They are also committed to communicating effectively. The physicians at the Osteo Relief Institute know that medical treatments can seem complicated when it is presented in the difficult medical terms. The Osteoarthritis Relief Institute wants to make sure you understand the treatment path to provide as much information as you need so you can make educated decisions about your treatment.


The Osteo Relief Institute provides treatment methods to restore mobility in the joints with arthritis while relieving pain so you can get back to your normal life LinkedIn.