Marketing Advise From Steve Lesnard

Steve Lesnard is an expert in the marketing and consumer relation field due to his managerial experiences. Marketing of new products is changing with the invention of new technology. Steve Lesnard says the social and digital platforms cannot be effective if it is not used in the right manner. Brands entering the market always put their heart on the consumer’s preference, tastes, and needs. They try as much as possible to have a significant impact on the consumer’s lives.

Steve emphasizes keeping the marketing process simple but memorable. The marketer is required to highlight the benefits of the product to the customer. Steve Lesnard recalls Walt Disney who said that getting a storyline right is the most crucial thing to understand. He gives an example of how Apple campaigned for iPod for those people who had a passion for music. Up to date, Apple gives the consumer the choice of upgrading to its new technology because of their simplicity.

Another instance of making digital marketing simple according to Steve Lesnard is that of Peleton. Peleton provided the private indoor cycling in the fitness industry, and it is growing at an exponential rate. They decided to market this unique feature rather than their premium spinning bike. This good decision allows the company to expand their operations using their sports app in different sports activities. Steve Lesnard says the idea should be brought to life after one has a clear understanding of the storyline.

The marketer should empower the medium they choose through videos and testimonials. Creating videos that illustrate how to use a product and its impact on the body, for instance, is an excellent example of improving customer experience. Customer testimonials also give the opportunity of outlining the product’s features exclusively. Steve Lesnard gives a brief example of this principle by using Yeti products.

Yeti developed a business that enabled people to keep their drinks warm and cold for long when they are on an adventure. He looked for some of the best ambassadors to establish a market for him and also broadcast his idea to the public. Steve Lesnard also advises individuals who wish to start a marketing platform to know what he or she is to be remembered for and the best way to bring the idea to reality.

Doe Deere’s Poppy Angeloff

Most fashionistas and makeup gurus have heard of Doe Deere and for very good reason as she has just landed an article in Forbes Magazine this year. Doe is showing women and girls from all over the world what it’s like to be an entrepreneur, and how to look good doing it.

Doe Deere started the celebrated Poppy Angeloff collection thanks to much inspiration from family heirlooms. Doe Deere has always had an eye for fashion and quickly had a great idea to start a line using vintage jewelry. Poppy Angeloff was lovingly created when the stylish Doe Deere decided to move forward with classy vintage inspired pieces.

Doe Deere has always been dedicated to her work and spent several months learning all she could about the history of jewelry. She wanted to create jewelry that had the same heirloom quality that she fell in love with when going through old family items. Doe Deere was able to successfully pinpoint her particular approach and took the steps to bring her Victorian style jewelry to the excited masses. She wanted to bring people the luxurious, high quality jewelry but at an affordable price point for customers.

Doe Deere arrived in New York City at the young age of 17 in order to make a name for herself. She rose to recognition with her highly celebrated cosmetic line called Lime Crime, which is her favorite color. The makeup line gained much popularity thanks to the vibrant colors that became such a higher part of her line. Poppy Angeloff isn’t her first time gaining recognition for her sense of style as Doe began showcasing her unique fashion on EBay. Lime Crime was launched in 2008 with exhilarating lipsticks, nail polishes, and eyeshadows.

Doe Deere is very much the colorful entrepreneur with her bright pink hair and flawless applied makeup. She gains much joy from wearing her favorite colors and shares her love of fashion with the rest of the world. All those looking for more information on Doe Dee and the Poppy Angeloff jewelry line are encouraged to visit her website.