End Citizens United: Conor Lamb For Pennsylvania

The state of Pennsylvania is receiving a significant amount of attention during the race for the senatorial seat in the 18th district of the state. This is the same district that current president Donald Trump managed to win by over 21%. It is currently represented by Republican Rick Saccone. Rick Saccone has been said to have mismanaged taxpayer money through his expense account. He is under allegations of having spent $435,000 on personal interests.

End Citizens United one of the most significant political action committees in the United States of America has pledged its support to Democratic candidate Conor Lamb.

Conor Lamb has a history of being true to his word and is being promoted as a man of integrity. He is running in opposition to Rick Saccone for the senatorial seat in the 18th district of Pennsylvania. End Citizens United has recently purchased $250,000 worth of advertising in support of Mr. Lamb. These funds will be used to purchase advertising time on both television and digital mediums. These advertisements will be targeted to help inform the public of the mismanagement of taxpayer money that has occurred under the leadership of Rick Saccone. This is part of an ongoing effort by the political action committee to end the influence of big money in politics.

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In 2010 the Supreme Court issued a decision on the court case Citizens United first the Federal election commission that has raised significant controversy in its wake. This decision ruled that corporations were entitled to the same legal rights that individuals are. As result corporations have been able to donate an unlimited amount of funds to politicians political campaigns. The issue is that this money is untraceable and unaccountable. People have raised concerns of the issue of corruption due to this.

Tiffany Muller founded the organization End Citizens United in an effort to overturn the Supreme Court decision from 2010. Since the organization’s inception has managed to raise over $50 million in political contributions and has submitted all of these funds to the Federal election commission for auditing. All of this has been done in an effort to stay true to their mission statement. All of the funds they have used to support various candidates for Congress that are pro-Reformation on campaign finance laws are entirely transparent.

The reason support for Conor Lamb is just one in a countrywide effort to eliminate members of Congress who currently receive support from large corporations and anonymous donors. These members of Congress are being labeled as the big money 20. They are known to have been recipients of untraceable political donations from billionaires and large corporations. It is the hope of Tiffany Muller that big money will be eliminated from politics through the actions of her organization End Citizens United.

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