Jana Messerschmidt is an Advocate for Workplace Equality

Jana Messerschmidt is now an investing partner at Lightspeed Venture Partnership. Jana Lightspeed agreement kicked off in December 2018. She is an expert in investing, enterprise Saas and Social & Digital Media. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois.

Jana Messerschmidt has worked for several other reputable companies before Lightspeed. Between 2005 and 2007, she was the Senior Manager of global accounts at DivX, Inc. She left the company for SmartDrive Systems where she served as at the Director of strategic accounts. She served in the position from 2007 to 2009. The same year she left SmartDrive, she was hired by Netflix as the Director of business development and was focusing on the partnerships the company has made with mobile and consumer electronics. After one year and eleven months, she quit for Twitter.

She joined Twitter in 2010 as the VP of global business development & platform. Jana Messerschmidt was in charge of all partnerships, platform operations, sales, developer relations, and marketing & strategy. She worked for Twitter for 6 years and left in 2016. She is founding partner of #Angels, which is an investment collective firm founded in 2015. The company is owned by experienced operators who come together to invest in start-ups. Even after Jana Lightspeed agreement, she is still part of #Angels.

Her experience at #Angels as an investor and an investment advisor and the experience gained in other companies she has worked for have contributed significantly to earning the position of an investing partner at Lightspeed. Throughout her entire career, she has been the intersection between the worlds of technology and business. Apart from her interests in investing, she is also passionate about building community diversity networks and has been at the forefront in support of equality. She believes that more women should be offered the opportunity to led successful companies