“The Best Ideas Come When I Work With Others,” Drew Madden Reveals The Secret

When he was asked what he loves the most when he works with others, Drew Madden, the medical IT expert said that it is the time the best ideas come into his mind. To date, Madden seizes every opportunity of working with others because he believes by doing so; he will get the best ideas from their conversation.

According to Drew, it does not matter who he is working with. In every working opportunity, he gets, Drew endeavors to unearth a new thing from the conversation. He says that he benefits a lot by listening to what others have to say on every subject. This is what has helped the 2002 University of Iowa School of Engineering graduate to work with some of the successful healthcare facilities nationally. Drew Madden holds a BSE in Industrial Engineering, a sector that deals with IT operations in the electronic medical records (EMR) docket.

After his graduation, Drew worked for several institutions and organizations, helping them to solve complex IT problems, rearranging their electronic medical records management, and implementing various projects for the benefit of the clients. Madden is currently the founding partner of the Evergreen Healthcare Partners, one of the high-end healthcare consulting in the country whose main work is to help organizations and institutions to solve IT, operations, and change management problems.

Recently, during an interview, Drew Madden revealed how he loves electronic medical records. He confessed that he is passionate about the EMR and that his joy is to see how his ‘soft skills’, which he continues to learn every day transform the lives of his clients. He went ahead to say that the idea to start Evergreen Healthcare Partners started some 15 years.

Madden concedes that the best way gets excellent ideas is when he works with other people. To him, working with different people who include members of his team or his clients, enables him to garners ideas. Listening intently when other people are talking helps Drew gain knowledge and ideas start to trickle in. according to him, anyone can be a successful entrepreneur as long as they learn the best ways to do so.