How The Academy Of Art University Sees Some Similarities Between Sports And Art

The Academy of Art University is an art school in San Francisco, California. The Academy is one of the largest private art and design universities in The United States. The program is taught by some of the most innovative professors in the industry. The Academy of Art University has an open admissions policy, which helps it stand out from other universities.

The Academy of Art University is also proud of their athletic program. They have 16 NCAA Division II sports teams. The Academy believes that athletes and artists share similar characteristics. There are many life lessons that people can learn through participating in sports and art. Here are some of the similarities between art and athletics.

Time Management

To become successful at art and athletics, you have to practice. When you take schoolwork into consideration, you’ll have to prioritize your time in order to practice. Athletes and artists often have the ability to manage their time and prioritize the most important things.

Dealing With Negative Feedback

Perfecting a sport or some art is very difficult. There will be mistakes along the way. You will likely deal with criticism of your skills as you progress. Some teachers are soft spoken with their critiques while others are more aggressive. In order to reach your potential as an athlete or an artist, you’ll have to deal with both styles of criticism.

Good Communication Skills

In order to succeed at your athletic or academic endeavors, you have to pursue knowledge through asking questions. You also have to be willing to listen so that you can learn new skills.

Being Ambitious

Both artists and athletes have ambition. They have the passion to work hard in order to achieve their goals. No matter how difficult things may be, your ambition will allow you to persevere over time.

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