Sean Penn New Novel: Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

It is almost impossible to understand why a man that has won an Oscar, Considered the best actor in his generation and director to several movies would live all that to become an author. Fame cannot be the reason but there must be an internal drive to write a book.

Sean Penn explains that he wrote the book Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff because it made him feel freer. He criticizes the screen industry for being a place that has no freedom of speech and a place where there is a lot of inhibition and the players in that stage are told what to say and do. Sean Penn created a platform for himself to give his views where he felt free to express himself and express his views he did.

The book Bob Honey Who Do Stuff is set upon satire and political projections. Sean Penn explains his book is set upon fictional stories and characters but the messaging in the book is directed at raising his voice on the political debate that is raging on. He is known to be a great critic of Donald Trump administration and the use of words like ‘Mr landlord’ do not help his case when the readers connect the dots.

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff starts with his opinion of the ongoing #metoo campaign and the Trump resistant. The snippet of this went viral all over the internet. Some people were critical of his opinion but some were just shocked that he was indulging in what some view as female issues.

The Novel, now released in hardcover copy, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff just shows the boundary Sean Penn is ready to cross. He has been in the headlines for different reasons. He traveled to Iraq, Iran, and Cuba to try and foster world peace. He was also in the headlines for the interview he had with the Drug lord Elchapo. Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is another step in trying to change the quiet world of literacy. Maybe, Sean Penn is the man to bring ‘The Talk’ back in the limelight.