Marketing Advise From Steve Lesnard

Steve Lesnard is an expert in the marketing and consumer relation field due to his managerial experiences. Marketing of new products is changing with the invention of new technology. Steve Lesnard says the social and digital platforms cannot be effective if it is not used in the right manner. Brands entering the market always put their heart on the consumer’s preference, tastes, and needs. They try as much as possible to have a significant impact on the consumer’s lives.

Steve emphasizes keeping the marketing process simple but memorable. The marketer is required to highlight the benefits of the product to the customer. Steve Lesnard recalls Walt Disney who said that getting a storyline right is the most crucial thing to understand. He gives an example of how Apple campaigned for iPod for those people who had a passion for music. Up to date, Apple gives the consumer the choice of upgrading to its new technology because of their simplicity.

Another instance of making digital marketing simple according to Steve Lesnard is that of Peleton. Peleton provided the private indoor cycling in the fitness industry, and it is growing at an exponential rate. They decided to market this unique feature rather than their premium spinning bike. This good decision allows the company to expand their operations using their sports app in different sports activities. Steve Lesnard says the idea should be brought to life after one has a clear understanding of the storyline.

The marketer should empower the medium they choose through videos and testimonials. Creating videos that illustrate how to use a product and its impact on the body, for instance, is an excellent example of improving customer experience. Customer testimonials also give the opportunity of outlining the product’s features exclusively. Steve Lesnard gives a brief example of this principle by using Yeti products.

Yeti developed a business that enabled people to keep their drinks warm and cold for long when they are on an adventure. He looked for some of the best ambassadors to establish a market for him and also broadcast his idea to the public. Steve Lesnard also advises individuals who wish to start a marketing platform to know what he or she is to be remembered for and the best way to bring the idea to reality.

Gulf Coast Western’s President and CEO, Matthew Fleeger and his experience and success journey

The reputation of Matthew Fleeger is outstanding especially after being listed amongst the Global Who’s Who which is connected to Business Professionals. At the moment, he serves as the Chief Executive Officer and President of the Gulf Coast Western where he is much recognized for his endeavors and remarkable experience in the sectors of gas and oil, tanning and waste management. In particular, he is acknowledged for the competence he possesses in team building, entrepreneurial endeavors, strategic planning, and contract negotiation.

Before his present position, he established MedSolutions which is a holding firm that is diversified and specializes in transportation, treatment, and disposal of the medical wastes that the healthcare firms produce. He served as its President and CEO for as long as thirteen years. After a fruitful development of the Company, Stericycle purchased it and currently takes the lead in the sector. Matthew Fleeger was prosperous in the industry of tannin as he assisted two businesses whose cumulative revenue was close to a hundred million U.S. Dollars. Among them is Palm Beach Tan that was developed by Fleeger from a small store operation that transformed into one of the most significant indoor tanning operations countrywide. He also facilitated the development of the Mystic Tan that has turned to be among the biggest spray-on tanning the two franchises globally.

His academic achievements are evident in his Business Administration’s degree. He is an alumnus of the Cox Business School situated in the Southern Methodist University. After this, he progressed into the implementation of his marketing and finance experience by getting into the executive positions in line with gas and oil firms.

Gulf Coast Western refers to a managing venture linked with the general partnerships of Oil and Gas. Through resource combination, industry knowledge, experience, and talent, the key focus is in line with exploration, acquirement, and development of domestic gas and oil reserves fundamentally situated within the United States’ gulf coast area.

How The Academy Of Art University Sees Some Similarities Between Sports And Art

The Academy of Art University is an art school in San Francisco, California. The Academy is one of the largest private art and design universities in The United States. The program is taught by some of the most innovative professors in the industry. The Academy of Art University has an open admissions policy, which helps it stand out from other universities.

The Academy of Art University is also proud of their athletic program. They have 16 NCAA Division II sports teams. The Academy believes that athletes and artists share similar characteristics. There are many life lessons that people can learn through participating in sports and art. Here are some of the similarities between art and athletics.

Time Management

To become successful at art and athletics, you have to practice. When you take schoolwork into consideration, you’ll have to prioritize your time in order to practice. Athletes and artists often have the ability to manage their time and prioritize the most important things.

Dealing With Negative Feedback

Perfecting a sport or some art is very difficult. There will be mistakes along the way. You will likely deal with criticism of your skills as you progress. Some teachers are soft spoken with their critiques while others are more aggressive. In order to reach your potential as an athlete or an artist, you’ll have to deal with both styles of criticism.

Good Communication Skills

In order to succeed at your athletic or academic endeavors, you have to pursue knowledge through asking questions. You also have to be willing to listen so that you can learn new skills.

Being Ambitious

Both artists and athletes have ambition. They have the passion to work hard in order to achieve their goals. No matter how difficult things may be, your ambition will allow you to persevere over time.

Boraie Development ‘Aspire’ To Push New Brunswick To Its Full Potential

Boraie Development is a New Jersey-based real estate developer, focusing on the local New Brunswick area. The company focuses on all areas of the urban real estate market, from real estate development to sales and marketing, being dedicated to building spectacular properties while at the same time providing great service to its clients. The company works with financial institutions, architects and contractors in order to make projects reality.

One well-known location built by Boraie Development is The Aspire, which is a 17-story building located close to the New Brunswick Train Station. The Aspire has to offer 238 apartments – from studios to two-bedrooms – with residents being able to enjoy the high-end lifestyle that the building has to offer. The building consists of 10,000 square feet of retail.

The Aspire has superior service offerings, from a 24/7 doorman to the on-site maintenance and management. The residents would be able to enjoy a state-of-the-art fitness center, indoor and outdoor residents club, and rooftop sundeck and garden equipped with outdoor BBQ space. Besides being located close to the New Brunswick Train Station, The Aspire sits in the heart of New Brunswick, being across from the Rutgers University campus, Rutgers Medical School, and Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital.

Life Revolving Around Football: Gino Pozzo

Gino Pozzo is one of the most popular public figures in England today, most especially in the world of European Sports. Gino Pozzo has made some questionable decisions regarding on the team that he has acquired in the world of football, because he chose to acquire and support a particularly lack-luster group of players. But then, Gino Pozzo proved everyone wrong by leading these underdogs, training them to become one of the best football teams in the league. Gino has made a reputation for himself by leading this team into the top flight leagues in their home fields. Gino Pozzo now owns the Watford Foot Ball Club, and is still a very popular pubic figure in the world of sports.

Gino Pozzo was born into a family that loved sports, his parents, Gianpaolo and Giuliana Pozzo were fellow passionate football enthusiasts. Gino Pozzo was born in Udine, Italy and he spent most of his childhood in the region. Through Giuliana Pozzo, Gino was automatically related to the ex presidents of the Udinese Calcio Football club, and the whole Pozzo family has maintained a healthy relationship and is very loyal to the Udinese Calcio Football Club for their whole lives. In fact, the Pozzo family gave up and sold their wordworking business to be able to focus their investments on the football clubs that they own.

Gino moved to the United States when he hit the age of 18, where he proceeded to study in Harvard University to gain his Master’s Degree. Gino Pozzo married a Catalan and moved to Spain and spent two decades living in Barcelona prior to moving to London with his Catalan wife and three beautiful children six years ago in 2013. From there, he became more and more involved in his then – newly acquired football club located at Vicarage Road.

Article Title: Heather Parry Produces Magic In Live Nation Productions

Heather Parry

Who is this attractive film-producing powerhouse holding so many credits to her name? Working with some of the largest names the pop and hip-hop genres(Curtis Jackson a.k.a. 50 Cent, Noah Cyrus, younger sister of Miley, and Sean “P Diddy” Combs to name a few) and producing smash films and documentaries for them. None other than Heather Parry.

Ms. Parry started working at MTV News at the ripe age of 22. She paid her dues and was showing strong signs of “boss” potential as she was made MTV’s West Coast Bureau Chief. She produced the popular tv series “The Week in Rock” and gave America the remake of the popular ’70s football comedy, “The Longest Yard”. Before diving into that project, she’d already completed a smash hit film with 50 Cent, who at the time was the hottest rapper in hip-hop, “Get Rich or Die Tryin'”, and this ambitious lady was not finished yet.

Ms. Parry had many magic moments before subtly launching her powerhouse production company in 2015, Live Nation. The birth of her company would later bring about the production of “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: A Bad Boy Story”, a documentary about rap mogul Sean Combs, CEO of Bad Boy Records. Also to her credit, she gets her hands on another giant in the industry, Lady Gaga, producing the documentary “Five Foot Two” which had audiences all over the nation in awe.

Is it a case of being in the right place at the right time that makes the magic for Heather Parry? Maybe so, but it’s also her creative drive and ambition that makes this successful female film producer stand out from her competition. P Diddy once mentioned, “Heather’s presence alone commands your full attention. She’s brilliant, driven, and hungry to do big things!”

Talk about magic, Ms. Parry recalls lighting a candle in her office and Noah Cyrus walked in to praise the aroma. Cyrus introduced herself another film was in the making.

End Of Article

Entrepreneur Vijay Eswaran Shares His Thoughts On The Gig Economy

Vijay Eswaran is a Malaysian entrepreneur who founded QI Group in Kaula Lumper in 1998. This is a direct marketing firm that now operates in 20 nations. It generated $750 million in revenues in 2018 and sells products such as telecommunications, wellness, media, and corporate investments.

One of his most ambitious projects is QI City which he is building in a partnership with Green Venture Capital. This project is projected to cost RM 1.2 billion and is slated to be completed in 2020. It will have both commercial and residential buildings. It will also have a teaching hospital which will provide both public and private medical services. Vijay Eswaran also founded Quest International University which will relocate to QI City once it is completed.

He has written five books describing his personal and business philosophies. The first book Vijay Eswaran wrote was “In the Sphere of Silence“. He explained in this book why it is important to have an hour of quiet each morning that is dedicated to silent reflection. His latest book, released in 2016, was “Two Minutes from the Abyss”. This book provides his 11 pillars of life management which include breaking out of your comfort zone in order to lead a more fulfilling life.

He recently attended the World Economic Forum that is held each year in Davos, Switzerland. Vijay Eswaran participated in a panel that was dedicated to talking about the gig economy. He talked about a range of topics such as what safeguards should be created to protect the rights of gig workers. Another topic was how the expansion of the gig economy affects young people in particular. Around 50 million people worldwide are in the gig economy so it’s an important matter that impacts a lot of people.

He said that a lot of young people have shown that they don’t want to work nine to five jobs like they saw their parents do. They want to be in charge of their own lives and how they make money. Many also aren’t interested in buying common status symbols such as houses and cars and would rather focus on having great experiences in life instead.

Building A Corporate Culture With Jojo Hedaya

The idea of building a corporate culture is one that has been in place for decades with the majority of individuals not understanding what this means. Unroll Me Chief Product and Consumer Officer, Jojo Hedaya has a long history of understanding what is meant by the term corporate culture as he is tasked with the daily operation of the company he founded in 2011. Selling the company in 2014 to shipping and tracking app, Slice Technologies, Hedaya and his fellow founder, Josh Rosenwald decided to remain with the company after it was sold to monitor its running.

A positive learning experience is one of the keys to Jojo Hedaya’s plan for creating a positive office culture. The CPCO of Unroll Me has become determined to ensure his staff has as many chances as possible to extend their skills and education in any way possible. Hedaya has a history of looking to learn as much as possible from all areas of the world including through positive and negative experiences. After achieving the role of Vice-President of the student body at Brooklyn College and being just short of graduating, Jojo Hedaya made the decision to drop out of academia and become an entrepreneur.

The non-traditional way of learning undertaken by Jojo Hedaya has been reflected by the ideas he has for developing a positive office culture at Unroll Me. The native New Yorker has become one of the leading speakers explaining how the traditional world of academia is not always the best choice for all young people to achieve success. Despite dropping out of college, Jojo Hedaya has been recruited by the Rakuten Institute to provide information to students about starting a business and becoming an educated employee. Hedaya explains he has been lucky to have been supported in his aims and decision to leave college before achieving his degree by his family.

Louis Chenevert Advice on How Negative Attitude among Employees can Ruin a Business

Louis R Chenevert is a renowned global businessman who hails from Montreal Canada. Chenevert previously served as the Chairman, President, and CEO of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). Chenevert joined UTC in the year 2006 and retired in November of 2014. Under Chenevert leadership, UTC grew in leaps and bounds to become a leading global technology firm. Other firms that Chenevert has previously held senior leadership roles include Pratt & Whitney and General Motors.

Louis Chenevert currently serves as the exclusive advisor to Goldman Sachs C which is a leading investment banking firm. Chenevert also serves as Board of Directors at Cargill. Chenevert memberships include being a member of the Business Council as well as the US-India CEO Forum. One notable achievement of Louis Chenevert is that in 2005 he was inducted as an AIAA Fellow.

Louis Chenevert has a solid educational background. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in production management from the University of Montreal, Canada.

Louis Chenevert has led quite a successful career in the business world and understands how negative attitude among employees can ruin a flourishing business. When hiring individuals, it is quite hard to tell their real character. But after a month or two, you will get to know whether the person you hired was the right one or not. There are those employees that complain and criticize almost everything in the workplace. Such employees are poisonous to the others and must be dealt with before they infect others with their bad attitudes.

According to Chenevert once in a while, a lousy attitude among employees can be as a result of mood swings or an employee being in the wrong department. As a manager, you must identify the root cause of negativity before it gets worse and spread to the rest of the workers. Always keep an eye in the internal politics. If there are those employees that are naturally full of negativity, then they can be talked to, transferred to other departments or ultimately fired.

Success Tips from Robert Deignan

The current market is not a bed of roses. People have tried and failed miserably in business because they lacked enough knowledge. Businessmen have to be very hardworking, courageous and able to take risks so that they can survive the changing market. Robert Deignan, one of the famous technology experts in the market at the moment, has witnessed many people perform well in business, and he wants other personalities to take the same root in their lives. The businessman has also successfully founded several companies, and they are all performing well because they are under the right leadership. There are useful tricks that have been used by Robert Deignan all through the years. Here are some of the top tricks from Robert Deignan:

Keep your relatives away: The business world is tough, and it always requires people to make the right decisions in the perfect time. When you choose to have a friend or a close relative in the workplace, some of the tough decisions will not be made. Because you do not want to hurt these people, you will end up compromising so many things. Personalities who have done well in their lives have learnt the art of keeping their families away from businesses. The family members will be reluctant when performing their duties, and they will not work hard because they know they will not be fired. Separating work and all your personal relationships is the key to a successful business.

Write and calculate everything: When starting a business, there will be many expenses and other activities to be carried out for the venture to bring results. If you are planning to maintain a successful company, write all your plans down, and if possible, all the numbers you will be working with. For this trick to work on your business, it is essential to make sure that the numbers you have written down as accurate. Putting down numbers that are not correct will give you false hopes in business, and the end result will be a failure. If you do not know the numbers you will be working with, it is paramount to look for information from people who are in the same line of business.