The Quincy

New Brunswick appears as a seemingly nice New Jersey city, but there is still a bit of a criminal element in the backstreets and in certain regions. One of those regions has traditionally been Quincy Circle near where The Quincy pizzeria is located, but the local police are making a comprehensive effort to combat the problem of serious crime in the neighborhood. Petty crime issues are still common, but when armed robberies are pulled on unsuspecting delivery personnel, the police feel an obligation to protect the community as well as the local workers. The two incidents occurring near Quincy Circle stand as evidence of that police initiative.


On November 20, 2012, a pizza delivery driver for The Quincy was making a delivery in the N block of an apartment complex on Quincy Circle when he was stopped by several young men claiming the pizza he had was for them. They then proceeded to use a handgun pointed at the delivery person’s head and stole his wallet and cash he was carrying belonging to the pizza business. And, apparently they were also hungry, as they stole the pizzas as well. A 21-yr old male, Parysh Wood was eventually arrested as the leader of the three-man team and the individual with the handgun. However, it took the police four months to secure cell phone records that led to the arrest on May 7, 2013.


Then again on Oct 7, 2015, another incident occurred in the New Brunswick Apartments, which has historically been known as a violent neighborhood with an unusually high crime rate. This incident also involved a handgun that had been fired multiple times resulting in one person seeking medical attention for a non-life threatening injury from being struck by one of the bullets. The police were also called the following day, as a resident found several other discharged bullet casings scattered about a specific area, which then added a new twist to the investigation.


The New Brunswick Apartments shooting was logged as a handgun crime and is still under investigation by the local New Brunswick Police Department, but according to the police chief, officers will not give up on the case. “This is the digital age, and many criminals leave a footprint,” the chief stated. And, the search continues for the outstanding culprit.

Marc Sparks Teaches Entrepreneurial Skills

Marc Sparks has a long and varied history in starting new businesses and he’s an expert on all the requirements that are necessary for a startup to get off the ground. He has great passion and energy as well as a highly developed instinct for new ideas that could become viable businesses. His firm, Timber Creek Capital, is where he plies his trade today and they offer a wealth of resources to help nascent concepts flourish in the open market. Learn more:

Timber Creek Capital has recently moved their operations to a location in Dallas that is more conducive to creativity and collaboration. Starting a new business usually requires long hours of development to launch a product or service and one’s surroundings can have a positive impact. Sparks believes that a significant percentage of the overall ingredients necessary to start a venture from scratch can be found in a positive, inspiring work environment. The new location provides a workspace that can greatly enhance teamwork and improve morale.

The resources that Timber Creek Capital can provide are extensive and cover every contingency for startups and their unique requirements. They provide working capital, accounting services, and marketing resources just to name a few. Many other services are provided as well so that ideas can be nurtured completely and have every chance to succeed.

Marc Sparks has also written a book that aspiring entrepreneurs will find very valuable. He has started dozens of businesses during his career and has enjoyed great success and some failures as well. His book is entitled They Can’t Eat You and it articulates many entrepreneurial principles that are vital to success.

Failures figure prominently in the book and Sparks relates that it was painful to write about them. However, he considers the failures as crucial in teaching others how to be successful and feels that they may gain more value from them than his successful ventures. The book is a wonderful way to shortcut the learning curve and it allows its readers to avoid reinventing the wheel as they pursue their dreams and ideas.

The challenges of entrepreneurialism are what drive Sparks and he relishes the opportunity to confound others who declare that something can’t be done. Marc Sparks is also a committed philanthropist as well as an astute businessman. He enjoys sharing his success with others and helping those in need improve their lives. His work in Texas with a homeless shelter called The Samaritan Inn is a good example of his giving spirit.


Those Who Suffer From Orphan Diseases are Orphans No More

Imagine suffering from a debilitating potentially fatal disease so uncommon that it isn’t considered commercially viable to develop a treatment. These are rare or orphan diseases. Amicus Therapeutics is devoted to relieving the suffering of the Rare Disease Community.


The diseases that Amicus Therapeutics focuses on are inherited and classified as Lysosomal Storage Diseases. Lysosomes are a group of enzymes whose function it is to break-up large molecules in the cells and disperse the pieces through the cell for recycling. An imperfection in one of those enzymes results in a build up of large molecules ultimately killing the cell.


Migalastat is being developed by Amicus Therapeutics as a treatment for Fabry Disease (GCReport). Fabry afflicts 1 out of every 117,000 people. The symptoms of Fabry are manifold: burning and tingling in the hands and feet, skin rash, gastrointestinal, heart, and kidney problems. It can also affect the hearing and mind.


Amicus Therapeutics SD-101 is intended to treat Epidermolysis Bullosa. People who suffer from EB experience blistering of the skin that can be caused by types of skin contact others would not think twice about. With Epidermolysis Bullosa the simple act of scratching an itch can cause the skin to blister. In extreme cases, blisters can occur in the mouth and intestines.


Pompe Disease is a neuromuscular disorder. Not only does it cause muscle weakness resulting in mobility issues it can also cause the heart to become enlarged. Having Pompe Disease may also lead to respiratory problems. Amicus Therapeutics effort to combat Pompe Disease has been dubbed ATB200/AT2221.


The treatments that Amicus Therapeutics is working to develop are known as Chaperone-Advanced Replacement Therapies. Like a chaperone, the drug will in effect show malfunctioning proteins how to act as they should. As the name implies enzyme replacement therapy will replace defective or missing enzymes.


Amicus Therapeutics designs their clinical trial by gathering the input of patients, their families, care givers and medical providers. As part of their efforts to relieve the misery of members of the Rare Disease Community Amicus Therapeutics provides patients with guides to help them manage their symptoms.

More about Amicus Therapeutics at

Managing your Osteoarthritis Pain

The Mooresville Tribune recently published an article by Matthew CiRullo called “Understanding and Managing Osteoarthritis” to provide insightful information about this common disease.


Arthritis is not actually the disease but rather the expression of general joint disease. However, more than 50 million people in the U.S. suffer from over 100 different variations of the disease ( The disease which causes the soft tissue between joints to be worn away so bone begins to rub against bone is the leading cause of disability in the U.S.


Unfortunately, there is no cure for the chronic disease which leads the joints to lose strength and cause pain, though there are many treatments available to help manage the pain.


CiRullo suggests there are several options to help self-manage osteoarthritis. Throughout your daily routine, you should move constantly with gentle exercise throughout the day when working or relaxing. This allows the joint to maintain mobility and helps manage the inflammation. Stretching before bed can also help maintain mobility in the joint. When exercising, focus on strengthening the muscles surrounding the joint to relieve stress and pressure.


Weight management and quitting smoking are also key to halting osteoarthritis pain. Excess weight puts stress and strain on the joint while smoking creates damage in the connective tissue.


If these techniques are not enough to reduce pain, there are several non-invasive medical treatments available. Physical therapy and medications are available to relieve pain, but if these treatments aren’t effective surgery may be required.


Luckily, not every osteoarthritis case requires surgery. The Osteo Relief Institute based in New Jersey is dedicated to providing non-surgical treatment for arthritic pain relief.


The Osteo Relief Institute has developed a team of certified physical therapists and physicians who are committed to providing effective treatments while avoiding surgery. Many of their treatments use the most advanced technology to treat osteoarthritis with little to no downtime.


They are also committed to communicating effectively. The physicians at the Osteo Relief Institute know that medical treatments can seem complicated when it is presented in the difficult medical terms. The Osteoarthritis Relief Institute wants to make sure you understand the treatment path to provide as much information as you need so you can make educated decisions about your treatment.


The Osteo Relief Institute provides treatment methods to restore mobility in the joints with arthritis while relieving pain so you can get back to your normal life LinkedIn.


Eli Gershkovitch’s Experience in Canadian Craft Beers

Eli is a self-made entrepreneur whose involvement in craft beer has seen him scale the success ladders quite fast. He is a great inspiration to the Millennials particularly because of his impressive academic credentials. Eli Gershkovitch is not only the Steamworks Brewery CEO but also a prominent pilot and lawyer. From his observation, although the youth generation is often scrutinized for their idiosyncratic behavior, they have certainly elicited a golden age for craft beer. Eli Gershkovitch is an aggressive yet calm leader. In fact, you would not easily tell he is a prominent leader by a first glance. The trade master loves freedom, something perceived to have triggered his launching of his brewing sphere.

Factors Depicting How Demand for Craft Beer is Increasing



According to the market experts, it is expected that by 2020 the craft breweries will be making approximately 20% sales. Consumers are anticipated to purchase the craft beers from the many small wineries. It is very clear that the beer is attracting a broad range of sophisticated personalities. Some of the commonly consumed varieties include the new lagers, India pale ales, coffee stouts, among several others. Canada is among the top countries delivering high-quality beers. In the 2017 contest, Canada scooped 24 medals, 20 of which went to Ontario-based breweries ( The presence of the elemental brew masters like Eli Gershkovitch has also seen the Canadian beer industry grow quite rapidly.



An Overview of Canada’s Common Beers



Cameron’s Brewing was among those with competitive choices. One-Eyed Grouse came out as a popular beer and even earned a gold medal for the bitter beer type. Many other Canada-based breweries won assorted medals from various categories like old ale, German Kolsch, brown ale, oatmeal stout, foreign stout, to mention but a few. Steamworks is among the top breweries that are long-standing craft beer in Canada. With Eli Gershkovitch as the CEO, no doubt the factory will continue growing their sale of craft beers ( Eli Gershkovitch is appreciated as a brewmaster possessing what it takes to revolutionize the Canadian beer scenes. Eli operates with the guidance of a time-tested motto that guides him in innovating business models steering growth to meet prevailing demands.